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Eye Examination Room

Good vision is all important!  Roughly 80 percent of the information that humans process is done via vision.  This makes it all the more exasperating when your vision deteriorates and you can no longer see, or no longer see adequately.

Vision that will delight you

Unimpaired eyesight, thus, is one of the most important factors in our daily lives. For this reason, we take all the time that’s necessary to carry out a comprehensive eye exam and to correct your visual performance. Our eye examination room is equipped with the latest optical technology, including the current i.Profiler plus and digital vision testing instruments by Carl Zeiss. What’s more, our eye examination room is set up to take measurements at a natural viewing distance.

The outstanding qualifications of our team and years of practical experience enable us to realize the best possible vision for you. Before each eye exam, we discuss with you your needs and expectations for your new eyeglasses.  This information often gives us an indication as to where we should focus our attention during the subsequent eye exam and, in particular, what kind of lenses should be chosen.

On your mark, get set, go ...

step for step toward good vision

Our team for your Eye Examination: i.Profiler plus & Visuscreen 500 | Offensichtlich.deFirst, a profile of your eyes is created with the i.Profiler plus. This procedure only takes a few seconds yet already gives us a very accurate indication with regard to the expected lens values. Subsequently, we examine your eyes once again subjectively using digital eye-charts, the Visuscreen 500 and the i.Polatest. This takes place without any stress or time pressure using the appropriate trial frame, which allows you to maintain your natural head and body posture. In addition to establishing your prescription, we can also test and optimize your spatial vision, your contrast sensitivity as well as your color and night vision.

But good vision not only requires a proper prescription along with eyeglasses or contact lenses; the health of your eyes is vitally important. Do you know, for instance, in what condition your retina is? We place great emphasis on your vision and the health of your eyes. As part of every examination that we have performed since 2014, we thus also check the ocular fundus with a retina camera.

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