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Demonstration Workshop

We still put a lot of emphasis on handcrafting in our ultra-modern workshop. Indeed, not only is the correct prescription for your lenses important; precisely setting the lenses into the new frames is also crucial. We personally manufacture your glasses at our on-site demonstration workshop.

A knack for craftsmanship

Our craft is not something that we shroud in secrecy. Our open demonstration workshop will give you insight into our work. Our passion for optometry puts the spotlight on premium quality. To warrant consistently top-notch quality, a craftsman must, of course, also dispose of the tools of the trade. And, when it comes to these, we spared no effort. In fact, in December of 2014, we replaced an already first-rate CNC automated lens edger with what can be termed “the Rolls-Royce of its kind”. You can routinely expect precision to within hundredths of a millimeter from us; indeed, we guarantee it.

Demonstration workshop - our cnc maschine at work | Offensichtlich - your opticianBut there are still other good reasons to bank on genuine craftsmanship! When fitting lenses into entirely hand-crafted frames, for example. Frequently, such frames will exhibit tight tolerances – even if they were manufactured with great precision. In such cases, we can show off our filing, sanding and drilling expertise instead of elaborately programming our machines to handle it.

Watch us in action

originally handcrafted in our demonstration workshop | Offensichtlich - your opticianWe welcome you to come and watch us in action as we make your glasses. Every Friday, upon request, we guide visitors through our workshop and demonstrate the manufacturing process in detail. We will show you not only traditional workmanship in crafting spectacle lenses but also the ultra modern processes that we execute on a daily basis.

Find out more about the manufacturing process of your eyewear under our “Jagdrevier” (hunting grounds) heading.

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