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Brille nach Maß - Offensichtlich Optiker Berlin
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Brille nach Maß - Maßband 2

Brillen ganz nach Ihren Vorstellungen!

Brillen nach Maß!


Offensichtlich ‒ Your optician in Berlin Mitte

The Offensichtlich team is waiting to welcome you in the heart of Berlin. Since 2009, our headquarters has been in Jägerstraße, not far from Friedrichstraße and just 2 minutes from the Gendarmenmarkt. Our goal as dispensing opticians in Berlin is to realise your concept of ideal vision in every situation. With the perfect pair of glasses that underlines your personality and style.


Our team – always there for you

As enthusiastic wearers of glasses we know it is often not easy to choose new eyeglasses. Our advice is always honest and never hard-sell. If you are finding it hard to make a decision you can take advantage of our additional option of having your photograph taken in various models before making a selection. Then you can take your time getting used to your new looks at home. Why not pop in and see for yourself.


Offensichtlich Optican Berlin

Offensichtlich ‒ the dispensing optician among opticians

The terms optician and dispensing optician are often used interchangeably. Most customers looking for an optician in Berlin are actually looking for a dispensing optician, because they are coming to us for our eyes. The term optician includes various branches. Besides dispensing opticians it also includes, e.g. precision opticians. As dispensing opticians we are specialists in the manufacture of eyeglasses and special products such as contact lenses, varifocal lenses, night driving glasses, sport glasses and digital lenses.

Brillen nach Maß

Brilliant Vision: Our services as dispensing opticians in Berlin

The professional provision of vision aids is only part of our customer services package. We also offer you individually tailored complete solutions including professional and fashion advice, examinations, manufacture and repairs. Our team has years of experience and this is what makes us specialists for optics and optometry – two things that belong together by nature.

Custom-made eyeglasses: needs are individual. We are prepared for this.

In order to be able to respond to your needs and requirements, we manufacture custom-made eyeglasses. Besides collections from established names such as Lindberg Brillen, Markus T and Götti Brillen, etc. we also present many smaller manufacturers ‒ individual labels dedicated exclusively to manufacturing eyeglasses. This ideally combines excellent precision and top quality materials with modern design and outstanding technology. For us one thing is always at the forefront:

The principle: look good and feel better

This applies to both frames and lenses. Both single strength and varifocal lenses are custom made especially for you. According to this principle we, your Zeiss Relaxed Vision Center in Berlin-Mitte, rely on cutting edge technology and our experience in craftsmanship. In our mission to create the perfect eyeglasses for you we are also supported by the firm Rupp & Hubrach and the high-precision measuring and manufacturing technology of their ‘Sehen 3.0’ concept. Because no two customers are alike and no eye is like any other. Your eyes are important to us. That’s why for contact lens fittings too we set particular store by the highest quality and a perfect fit.

Varifocal lenses for the best perspective

For visual aids that are as easy as possible on your eyes, we offer varifocal lenses. Varifocal lenses provide multiple vision solutions within a single lens, i.e. they are suitable for viewing at close range, far distance and in mid-range, for instance at the computer.

Eye tests: the starting point for perfect vision

Before you decide on a pair of glasses (or contact lenses) the first step is an eye test We perform professional eye examinations in our offices with Relaxed Vision Center in Berlin-Mitte using the most modern technical equipment and expertise derived from long years of specialist studies and professional experience.

Contact lenses as an alternative to eyeglasses

At our professional contact lens consultations we discuss with you the various kinds of contact lenses and the advantages and disadvantages compared to glasses. In addition we take the time to explain to you exactly how to handle and care for contact lenses.

Outstanding brands: our glasses from renowned manufacturers

Our customers have many reasons for wanting new glasses, these may be a change of prescription or simply the desire for a new look. Sometimes it may just be a wish to be up to date with the latest eyewear fashions that leads you to visit your Berlin dispensing optician. We will always be delighted to give you honest advice as to which frames bring out your character particularly effectively, or, if you wish, change your look completely. The selection includes eyeglasses from Meyer Brillen, Munic Eyewear and even the ultra-trendy Feb31st wooden frames as an alternative to plastic ones.

Relaxed Vision

Consistent good advice thanks to our qualified dispensing opticians and optometrists

In order to advise you most effectively on the right frames or lenses for you or on how to care for contact lenses, we at Offensichtlich have established a team of state certified dispensing opticians. In addition, all our staff have an excellent sense of style and know all the latest trends in eyewear. This is how we ensure that besides a professional consultation you also receive fashion advice to ensure that our products ideally complement your individual style. Some customers suit rimless glasses better, others feel more comfortable with fully rimmed plastic frames and we instantly recognise this. Our motto is: see well and look good.

Offensichtlich Augenoptiker Berlin

Your optician in Berlin Mitte: get in touch with us

We will be delighted to advise you in all optical matters. Come and see us in our offices in Berlin Mitte. Mondays to Fridays you can visit us between 10 am and 7 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. If you would like to make an appointment outside our opening hours, please send us an e-mail or contact us on the following telephone number: 030 3251 8588

We look forward to seeing you.

The Offensichtlich blog: always cutting edge

Whether it be the latest frame designs or technical innovations from the lens manufacturers, you will always find interesting articles in our blog. And you can also find details of campaigns, specific openings, special offers and much more about us and our neighbours on Berlin’s Friedrichstraße. Alternatively, you can receive all our news conveniently via Facebook, Google+, Twitter or our RSS-Feed.